J. H. Williams: Batwoman + Wonder Woman

On October 19, 2012, in Art Nerd, Comic Books, Galen Dara, by Galen Dara

So… This is happening:

Batwoman #13: Batwoman teams up with Wonder Woman. Art by J.H. Williams.

In the previous issue of Batwoman, Kate Kane comes to realize she’s in over her head and must enlist the help of someone who really knows how to handle Greek gods and monsters. In Batwoman issue 13 she will team up with the Princess of the Amazons herself.

Batwoman makes a house call to Wonder Woman. Batwoman #12 Art by J. H. Williams.

Artist J.H. Williams, who came to Batwoman in 2009 with Greg Rucka, has a whole flickr set dedicated to his work with Kate Kane donning the cowl and gives this glimpse into how he created the cover for #13 (with grievances about the final design decisions.). In addition, he has this to say about artistic considerations for working with these two major icons in one storyline:

“We’re super excited to be tackling Wonder Woman for a bit in the upcoming arc of ‘Batwoman, but also feel a sense of trepidation and responsibility, with her probably being the most iconic female hero of all time in comics. We needed to approach her with reverence and respect. And also wanted to give her a sense of purity in how she is drawn, something clear in her appearance, overt and forward. Now doing this, and then setting her next to Batwoman produces fascinating juxtapositions of their styles and nature of their characters. Batwoman being shadowy and a bit withdrawn, Wonder Woman being bold and vibrant. They do have things in common with their sense of purpose, but yet also things that make them quite different from each other, and them coming together brings out complimentary aspects much in the same way Batman and Superman do for each other as characters. The result is a compelling union of two iconic women that bring balance to how they can be perceived.” ~J.H. Williams, via Comic Book Resources.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out.* **

If  (like me) you need a bit of catching up, Comic Vine offers a brief overview (including a synopsis of the New 52 story lines) for Wonder Woman and Batwoman.  And if (like me) you are interested in more discussion about female superheros, Talking Comics has a delightful interview with comic historian Trina Robbins who was an artist on Wonder Woman in the 80’s. Then over at SF Signal, Patrick Hester holds a panel on Female Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own Movies. Both of these podcasts are well worth the listen.

So, you reading anything good lately?


*Oct 17 update: Batwoman #13 is now in my hands 😀 Here’s a Sneak Peak.

**I still wish artist Amy Reeder was on this project.

2 Responses to J. H. Williams: Batwoman + Wonder Woman

  1. Paul Weimer says:

    Thanks, Galen.

    When in over your head with Gods and Monsters, who else to ask in the DCverse BUT Wonder Woman, hmm? 🙂

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