Comics Review: Saga and Captain Marvel

On September 20, 2012, in Art Nerd, Comic Books, Galen Dara, by Galen Dara

Admission: I’ve never bought weeklies at a comic store before. (Was always intimidated about plunging into the middle of a story line and getting lost in some crossover.) But when I heard about two new and intriguing comic series coming out I jumped at the chance to get in on the action from the beginning. First, over at Image comics, Brian K. Vaughan has teamed up with Fiona Staples to create Saga, an epic sci fi/fantasy for mature audiences that tells the story of Alana and Marco, new parents on the run from authorities in a galactic war.  Then in the Marvel Universe Kelly Sue Deconnick is writing a brand new story arc for Ms Marvel, now as Captain Marvel! (Art by Dexter Soy.) Two vastly different comics both of which I’m enjoying immensely so thought I’d share with the FN crowd.

First, A bit about Saga: well, it’s hard to even know where to begin. Out of necessity, I should start by saying some of the following images are NSFW. And then I will fall on my face over how freaking amazing Fiona Staples is. Her line work, her characters, her colors, her devastatingly intuitive way of working facial expression and body language, this comic is as visually stunning as it is disturbing. And Brian K, Vaughan has combined new parenthood and tender relationships with body horror and epic galaxy-wide peril and it is just blowing my mind. All of the characters are amazing, but can I just say, EVERY time Alana opens her mouth I just swoon. Badass woman with a newborn and a stun-gun.  I need that woman in my life. Thank you, Brian. As a side note; you can get the first issue of Saga on ComiXology for free and in October Image is releasing SAGA: VOLUME ONE with all 160 pages of the first six chapters. (However, you really should look into the weekly singles because Brain’s letter columns at the end will not be reprinted anywhere and they are awesome. Issue #7 comes out in November.) For more, here’s a Talking Comics podcast interview with Fiona Staples, a written interview with Fiona and Brian at i09, and Wired puts Saga in the context of Brian K. Vaughan’s work. Now, a sneak peak inside the comic:


It really just never let’s up for new parents Alana and Marko. Saga #2

A mixed race family just trying to survive a racially driven intergalactic war. Saga #5

So, this character, The Stalk, is one of the main reasons I knew I needed to read this comic. Saga #2


Now, Captain Marvel. If, like me, you’re not up to date on who Ms Marvel (aka Carol Danvers) is there’s a wiki run-down of her various manifestations, plus Den Of Geek gives a great overview of previous Captain Marvels both male and female. However, even if you don’t know anything about Carol (I didn’t) Kelly Sue Deconnick has written the story so that a newcomer like me is eased right into her world without a hitch. Also, Kelly has her finger directly on the pulse of what makes my heart beat for a superhero (“Earth’s Mightiest Hero”) who also happens to be female. And not just Carol Danvers: the majority of the speaking lines in this story have been delivered by an impressive array of strong women surrounding her. Artist Dexter Soy has this gorgeous, active, painterly style that I am quite enjoying and though Carol occasionally looks like she’s drowning in her cleavage, more often than not she just epic, powerful and statuesque. In the hands of Deconnick and Soy, Carol Danvers may find a place in my heart next to the likes of Kate Kane and Diana of Themyscira. Captain Marvel issues #1-3 are on shelves at your local comic store, issue #4 comes out Sept 19th. For more, here’s the Talking Comics podcast interview with Kelly Sue Deconnick plus GeekMom interviews her on Wired. Now a glimpse inside the pages:

A little sparring session with Spidey. Captain Marvel #1


Carol get’s some assistance from the woman’s air service banshee squad. Captain Marvel #2

Out of uniform, Carol shares a cup of coffee with an old friend. Captain Marvel #1


To round this all off, you can listen to Kelly Thompson and Sue review both Captain Marvel #1 and Saga #5.

So. What are you reading lately?

2 Responses to Comics Review: Saga and Captain Marvel

  1. Wow, the Stalk is awesome!

  2. Gerry says:

    I like how Saga walks that fine visual line between classic comic book illustration and anime. And yes, Stalk is awesome.

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