Episode 187 – With Michael R. Underwood

On April 15, 2014, in Podcast, by Patrick Hester

AttackofthegeekIn episode 186 of the Functional Nerds Podcast, Patrick Hester and John Anealio talk with author Michael R. Underwood, author of Attack of the Geek.

About Michael:

Michael R. Underwood is the author of GEEKOMANCY, CELEBROMANCY, ATTACK THE GEEK, as well as the forthcoming SHIELD AND CROCUS and THE YOUNGER GODS. By day, he’s the North American Sales & Marketing Manager for Angry Robot Books. Mike grew up devouring stories in all forms, from comics to video games, tabletop RPGs, movies, and books. Always books.

Mike lives in Baltimore with his fiance, an ever-growing library, and a super-team of dinosaur figurines & stuffed animals. In his rapidly-vanishing free time, he studies historical martial arts and makes pizzas from scratch. He is also a co-host on the Skiffy and Fanty Show.

This week’s picks:


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4 Responses to Episode 187 – With Michael R. Underwood

  1. My first Batman was the Adam West series. The first one I remember clearly was the one where Batman, Robin and a heel-face turned minion are chained up to be fed to this *ridiculous* giant clam. It was funny, weird and awesome.

    I also liked the Batman TV show movie: “Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb”

    The Michael Keaton Batman movie sparked intense discussions I participated in in High School, mainly about the art and the look of the series.

    Another fun “Batman” moment: Playing Lego Batman 2 endlessly with my friends’ daughter.

    One of the holes in my Batman world? I don’t/didn’t read much of the comics. Not even the classics.

  2. I think my favorite Batman moment comes from The Dark Knight Returns, where a just-returned Batman takes out the strike team, narrating the possibilities, the dangers, and the exstasis of being reborn into the role.

    “There are seven working defenses from this position. Three of them disarm with minimal contact. Three of them kill.

    “The other – [KRAKK] – hurts.”

  3. Ken Hughes says:

    I’d say the first episode of Batman the Animated Series, “The Cat & The Claw Part I.” Not the best story they did, but just the experience of seeing THAT THEME SEQUENCE hit me cold, then go right on to the rooftop chase scene that the head director designed as a master class for his assistants… plus all the times when villains pulled guns and a hero actually had to strike first or get to cover, not just less them miss. Yes!

  4. C David Dent says:

    I am glad you talked about Storium. I’ve been fortunate to be a participant in the Alpha and am a Backer as well. If you are interested in an invite into a game (either John or Patrick) just let me know on Twitter (@MrDave2176)

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