Episode 085 – Samuel Montgomery-Blinn and John DeNardo

On December 27, 2011, in Podcast, by Patrick Hester

In episode 85 of the Functional Nerds podcast, Patrick Hester and John Anealio welcome Samuel Montgomery-Blinn and John DeNardo into the super secret Functional Nerds lair to chat about nerdy audio stuff like audio books and spotify.

About Samuel Montgomery-Blinn:

Samuel Montgomery-Blinn is a husband, father, and software engineer and speculative fiction magazine publisher from Durham, NC, with an abiding love of audiobooks. His blog is a completely unaffiliated blog and guide to what’s worth listening to in the world of science fiction and fantasy audiobooks and podcasts, with a focus on what’s coming to Audible.com’s Science Fiction and Fantasy section.

About John DeNardo:

John is an avid reader and reviewer. (See John’s review criteria.) His book reading comes second only to his book buying, which some (including John himself) might call compulsive. (We often use the B-word.) His frequent jaunts to the local bookstores are legendary in his own mind. Although John reads an occasional fantasy/mystery/non-fiction book, his tastes lean heavily toward science fiction. John’s tastes within any genre vary, but he is fond of classic sf even though he has a hit-and-miss experience with classic award-winning sf. John also likes to alternate novel-length fiction with shorter works, so he frequently reads anthologies between reading sessions. John’s favorite authors tend to be Golden Age authors like Theodore Sturgeon, Isaac Asimov etc., but he also likes the new kids on the block like Alastair Reynolds, John Scalzi, etc.


© 2011 Patrick Hester and John Anealio

This podcast features music by John Anealio.

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7 Responses to Episode 085 – Samuel Montgomery-Blinn and John DeNardo

  1. Actually, in terms of the yellow light, you have forgotten Starman!

    Red means stop
    Green means go.
    Yellow means really really fast!

  2. John D. says:

    Grrr! Still annoyed at myself for neglecting to mention Spotify’s biggest dealbreaker – the requirement that all new accounts register via Facebook. I’m happy I got in before all that nonsense.

  3. Sam M-B says:

    Thanks again guys! We also talked a bit in follow up about that third option of “full production” audiobooks and I wanted to go ahead and post that here:

    The ones that come to mind are from a place called “Graphic Audio”:


    They’ve got some of Brent Weeks’s books:


    And it’s really a fully surround sound “theatre of the mind” kind of thing. (Too much for my brain I think!)

    Only one audiobook remotely like that at Audible comes to mind, Ellen Kushner’s “Swordspoint” which the new audiobook label Neil Gaiman Presents published about a month ago:


    It’s not quite as over the top as the Graphic Audio titles, but there’s some background chatter, door creaks here and there, etc.

    Thanks again, I really enjoyed it,


  4. Sam M-B says:

    And to further link farm things out, here are a couple more of the things we talked about:

    Here’s John Joseph Adams’s “Audiobook Primer” from Locus, with his two types of narrators, “The Invisible Man” and “The Performer”, etc.

    Here’s The Guilded Earlobe, my favorite audiobooks reviewer right now: http://theguildedearlobe.wordpress.com/

  5. Sam M-B says:

    More links to more things mentioned:

    The Coode Street Podcast: http://www.jonathanstrahan.com.au/wp/the-coode-street-podcast/

    Writing Excuses Podcast: http://www.writingexcuses.com/

    Escape Artists short fiction podcasts: http://escapeartists.net/

    Mur Lafferty’s The Afterlife Series podiobooks: http://www.murverse.com/books/the-afterlife-series/

    Natania Barron’s Aldersgate Cycle podcast: http://aldersgatecycle.wordpress.com/alderpod/

  6. Sam M-B says:

    Eep. Got to the end of the podcast and remembered two more things to link to:

    Natania Barron’s Pilgrim of the Sky: http://pilgrimofthesky.com/

    JL Hilton’s Stellarnet Rebel: http://www.stellarnetrebel.com/

    (Sorry for all the linkspam, whomever has to moderate comments flagged by the filter!)

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