Episode 069 – Charles Day

On August 16, 2011, in Podcast, by Patrick Hester

In Episode 69 of the Functional Nerds Podcast, Patrick Hester and John Anealio chat with author and small press owner Charles Day.


© 2011 Patrick Hester and John Anealio

Featuring original music by John Anealio.

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6 Responses to Episode 069 – Charles Day

  1. Charles Day says:

    Hey to everyone listening, after listening to the interview myself for the first time today, I realized an error. I stated I started writing a year ago and then I also mentioned I sent out query’s to agents a few years back. What I meant to say is that I started writing short stories about a year ago. I had a novella and a Novel I was trying to find an agent for before I came upon the small press in may of 2010 and began doing short stories.

    In fact, now that i’m not nervous being interviewed with a barage of questions, I can actually say I started writing when I was 12, because I wrote a story that mimicked Lord of the Rings. I lost that story but I guess that’s “when I started writing.” Just so everyone knows!!

  2. Charles Day says:

    Or Patrick, now that I had time to really think about my history as a writer, I could post this

    I wrote a story when I was around 14, it was a fantasy that mimicked The Lord of The Rings book I read, since I loved that book. From there I didn’t start writing again until I was an adult, back around 2003. I wrote two novels but never did anything with them until about 2007. when I tried to get them published the traditional route, with query’s to agents. I had no success, so I put them aside. Then, in 2010, I started going on line and began looking at the Small Press Websites around May, 2010. I found many open call for short stories in anthologies and started writing for these. My first sold in July of 2010, and from that point I had my share of rejections, but I also received 14 acceptances, which resulted in 14 published or soon to be published short stories with various small presses. This clarifies my mistake on my interview earlier this week, since I was caught by surprise with a barrage of questions. I meant to say that I started writing a short stories about a year ago, and the agent queries a few years back were for two novel/novella length pieces of work!!

    Let me know what you think!!

  3. Charles Day says:

    I’m still guessing on the time period, but I think I was closer to 14. Hell, I’m forty three. It’s hard to know exactly. Sorry for all the comments, but Hollie called me to tell me about the guy who slammed me, and in a way I could understand. But he should have also understood when your on an unscripted interview, freaking mistakes happen. Ok, now I feel better and can get on with my life!!

    C. Day

  4. Thanks for the interview.

    I couldn’t imagine up and starting a small press at the drop of a hat. I give you props, Charles.

    Oh, and Patrick, John. We here in Minnesota are grateful for Hawaiians loving spam. Helps our state economy. And prepared cleverly enough…it can be edible. I bet if you got Kate Elliott on the podcast she could tell you…

  5. Ilayna Day says:

    I am Charles day’s sister and I have to say, I am extremely proud and overwhelmed by his success and motivation with everything he has accomplished. All I can say by summing it up as short and sweet as I can is, if anyone deserves this, I have to say and not because he is my brother , is him! He has giving all his time and effort towards his writings even with any turn downs he never gave up, he worked even harder and it payed off! He has a great personality and is very warm and has a huge heart towards others. congrats to you my brother! I wish you all the success in the world.

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