Episode 008

On May 7, 2010, in Podcast, by Patrick Hester

008 The Functional Nerds

In the eighth episode of The Functional Nerds, Patrick Hester and John Anealio are joined by the 3rd member of the 3rd Nerd Army: Blake Charlton!  Blake is both a novelist (Spellwright published by TOR) and a medical student, so we talked about: science fiction-like technologies being used in the world today, bionic limbs, nerve / brain rewiring, neural plasticity, neural perception, gross anatomy, the phantom limb phenomenon, Flash Forward, gross morphology, The Ultra-Humanite, the autism spectrum, music, Rex Lewis, a young musician with autism who could play back melodies that, for most, would take months to learn & had perfect pitch and a phenomenal memory, Stephen Wiltshire, an artist diagnosed as autistic who draws and paints detailed cityscapes sometimes after having only observed them briefly, Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks, savantism, Music Instinct: Science and Songs, Bobby McFerrin, Arthur C Clarke’s Childhood’s End, ADD, Dyslexia, Synesthesia & the awesome human brain.  Oh, yeah, and there’s this whole contest thing happening…

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4 Responses to Episode 008

  1. Clifton Hill says:

    Huzzah! Blake Charlton is a Third Nerd. Nice. I must listen, but not yet…grrr…Stupid Work. Blah!

  2. […] you haven’t already, check out the podcast – episode 8, over on the Functional Nerds […]

  3. […] Blake Charlton showed up on last week’s Functional Nerds podcast, I just knew I had to be on. Not for any sort of rational reason. Just that Blake found a […]

  4. Clifton Hill says:

    Finally got to listen to the whole podcast (I am a wee, little bit behind).

    Great show. One thing I wondered about when Blake mentioned about synesthesia: Did Robert Jordan know about the phenomenon? After all, Rand and others, discovered they could tell when an Aes Sedai was using Saidar by a tingle (or was it something else?).

    Anyways, very cool show. I wonder how the contest went? I had a great idea for it, but didn’t get the time to do anything with it.

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